We provide convenience to travelling privately

Simply put, FAT is the future of Travelling, advocating companionship, saving costs, and providing quicker, safer means of transportation for all your close Friends and family members within the network

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Upcoming Trips

Johannesburg to Durban

19 Sep 18

Bloemfontein to Butterworth

23 Sep 18

Mthatha to Johannesburg

30 Apr 19

About Us

Friends And Travels (FAT) is convenient, cost effective, safe and the only of its kind...

We have a "network" for close friends and family members called Friends and Travels - or FAT in short, the concept is quite simple: we created this network for people travelling using their own transport all over South Africa. We collect this information about their travel dates whether they require a lift or offering one and we share it amongst each other within the network.

If there's someone looking for a lift and there's someone requesting one for the same destination and date, we exchange their contact details and let them make all the necessary arrangements without our interference. So ours is to help drivers find passengers and vice versa.

Having been around since late 2012, we're constantly changing our ways, always playing around with ideas to increase value as far as membership experience is concerned. This website was first hosted in 2015 and those few who saw it then will atest to the changes we've since made. The big idea is to build a social network not only for the internet fanatics but to simplify our daily lives as well..

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Online Travels

Book your next travel online with a few clicks, check out friends travelling the same route as you and reserve a place to travel with friends.

Add A Trip

Members can now add their travels by filling in their travel details online.


Register yourself and become a member of FAT or introduce your friends and family to join the FAT network.

Credits Statement

You earn credits by adding more friends to the FAT network. Then use them to post / request trip details on the site.

FAT News

Check out the latest news in the FAT family, keep in the loop with what is happening as the FAT family grows and develops.